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Recycle Printing Package Solutions

The Box Printing Company is dedicated to providing you with eco-friendly packaging options that will better suit the environment. Businesses need to be doing all they can to reduce waste, as this benefits both the ecosystem and their public image. We offer package solutions that eliminate waste and provide the opportunity for recycling.


Recycle Printing

Recycling allows a product's useful parts to be remade into a new product. This helps to conserve our planet's resources and leave more space in depots for waste disposal. By using green options for your printed products, you help to reduce emissions in production facilities and support recycling programs that are striving to make a difference.


We offer printed products with a reduced plastic content that will help your company maintain an eco-friendly stance. Our face-seal blister cards, fold-over blister packs and trap blister packs use less plastic in combination with paper board to help reduce waste that cannot be recycled. In addition, the recyclable cardboard materials used for products such as our box sleeves are also helping to provide your business with green options.

You can count on our business to continue to develop environmentally-friendly packaging options that will benefit us all. It's more important now that ever to start thinking about the limited resources we have and ways we can start preparing for a better future.




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