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4 Rules for Custom Printed Cookie Boxes and Packaging That Will Bolster Sales

Product packaging is important for all businesses irrespective of the size. However, confectionary businesses need to put in more time and effort while designing their custom printed cookie boxes and packaging in order to get a significant edge over their counterparts.

Cookies are one of the most savored teatime items, where many in –house bakers and large scale factories are coming up with unique flavors, recipes and aromatic goodies. The issue with cookies is that they need to be packaged smartly so they don’t lose their freshness.

Custom printed cookie boxes and packaging is of utmost significance to such business for two prime reasons:

  • Ensures Freshness: When a box of cookies is packaged using the right materials, it remains fresh for a prolonged period of time. This helps in ensuring that the cookies always reach the customer tasting fresh, wholesome and crisp.
  • Looks Appealing: Imagine, getting a box of cookies that has a fancy custom printed cookie box and packaging. The logo is tactfully placed, attractive color palette is used and the box simply looks delectable. So, would you buy the one with a simple and monotonous packaging or choose an alluring custom printed cookie box and packaging?

In most cases, a customer will prefer an attractive packaging bolstering your sales and reach.

Here are a few rules that cookie businesses need to take into consideration while illustrating custom printed cookie boxes and packaging:

  1. Colors: It is important to choose the right color palette for your packaging. Generally, it is advised to stick to your brand’s color scheme to help develop brand loyalty and recognition. However, if you are coming up with a new brand product choose the colors wisely as it has a direct impact on the mood and emotions of clients.
  2. Design: While the design varies as per personal liking, it is advised to keep it simple yet appealing. Do not clutter your custom printed cookie boxes and packaging; rather keep it precise and impressive. You can take inspiration from other similar brands while selecting a design.
  3. Typography: The typography you use for your packaging also has a strong impact on your brand’s sale. Nobody wants to spend hours deciphering the ingredients or brand name. While using fancy fonts is a great way to gain attention, make sure that you do not compromise on the readability.
  4. Durability: When choosing a vendor for your custom printed cookie boxes and packaging, make sure they use quality materials that will keep the cookies fresh. Moreover, the printing also needs to be great. The last thing you would want is faded printing or color bleeding.

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