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We create box design and mock up templates, custom printing and packaging. We thrive on bringing you the best of the best in each of our beautifully crafted resources.

Artwork and Tips

Artworks for Custom Box Printing need to build in Process Color (CMYK)  and save in Ai Illustrator and High-resolution PDF files, but Illustrator files are preferred if possible.

Cad Sample

Before getting into what a CAD sample is, it important to define the acronym CAD. CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. That means that the plans for whatever object you want made can be drawn on the computer rather than by hand. 

Custom Dieline

Think of a Die-line as a roadmap for your packaging. It’s like a precise sketch that shows manufacturers how to cut, fold, and assemble your packaging. Just as an architect’s blueprint brings a building to life, a die-line breathes form and structure into your packaging design.

Color Mock Up Sample

After the die-line is done using the CAD software, a sample is produced that is sent to you, the customer. If it works like you want it to, we can do a Color Mockup Sample for you, which is similar to the prototype except that it has all of your desired printing on the package as well.

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