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Custom Roll Ends Tuck Top Display Box Printing and Packaging

Similar as the roll two sides tuck top box packaging, the roll ends tuck top display box packaging is designed with no gluing process involved. The top lid is connected along with the back side, bottom and front side of the box.

The two side of box have additional flaps that roll in, then locks down into pre-cut slits at the box bottom. This box style is required to be assembling by hand. Since there is no gluing involved, it is very economic box style and fast production.

The top box panel can have a special die cut shape, so it can be folded half way to be a display panel. Additionally, these boxes can be very easily assembled and loaded by hand. The boxes feature a connected lid and a front lid along with two locking flaps that smoothly go in between the two side panels.

Custom roll end boxes are unglued boxes that need to be folded when they’re assembled. The box opens at the top and closes to the inside with a tuck. The unique design has an extremely sturdy structure on the side and the front panel making it ideally suited for light to medium weight products and product packaging. 

 Application: The roll ends tuck top display box packaging can be used widely such as

  • Pharmaceutical Products Packaging
  • Cosmetic Products Packaging
  • Toy Products Packaging
  • Food Products Packaging
  • Beauty Products Packaging
  • Gift Products Packaging
  • Retail Products Packaging

And much more… Please feel free to contact us for more details of roll ends tuck top display box packaging. Free Design Template available upon requested.

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