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5 Tips to Get the Best Packaging for You

Many business owners overlook the important role that product packaging plays in their sales. Good packaging secures and describes the product, but it also helps establish a signature look to the product’s brand and distinguishes it amongst competitors. Even if you’re just changing the packaging for an existing product or designing for a new one, these seven pointers can help make your brand outshine others.

  1. Appearance

One big mistake commonly done with packaging is trying to attract the attention of every potential customer. By creating packaging that focuses in on your target audience and understanding what their needs and wants are, your packaging will reflect the care and thought put into not only your product but also in the customers you value.

  1. Quality and Functionality

Combining high-quality materials and great aesthetics with functionality adds sophistication and value to products. You can select sustainable packaging materials and offer package return service to eco-conscious customers. You can also create sturdy packaging that can be used for something else after the product consumed. It’s important to not choose poor-quality materials, faded colors, strange typeface, and tacky designs.

  1. Brand

Since your products represents your brand, creating product packaging that showcases your company’s name, logo and color scheme will allow customers to easily identify your products among others on store shelves. Think about the message you want to convey, and try to have it translated onto your box packaging.

  1. Shape

Although unique, unconventional packaging shapes can easily gain attention and persuade customers to purchase, be careful in picking a box style that is challenging to store or place efficiently on shelves as retailers will likely avoid those kinds of products. Do the proper research in finding the right box style that will not only suit your product and brand, but will also easy for shops to display them.

  1. Size

Always have your packaging fit the size of your product as to not mislead your customers into believing it’s larger than it actually is. Instead, use solid colors and bold yet simple designs to make the package appear larger. Keep in mind that your box should be light, compact and easy to open, with the aim of enhancing the product’s appeal and value.

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