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Box Manufacturer Company

Business Image Printing specializes in the production of various types of boxes and packaging materials. We offer a wide range of services, including design, manufacturing, printing, and customization of boxes to meet the specific needs of their clients. We produce a variety of boxes to cater to different industries and applications. This includes corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, rigid boxes, folding cartons, display boxes, shipping boxes, and specialty boxes for products like cosmetics, electronics, food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. We also offer printing services to add branding elements, product information, barcodes, and other graphics to boxes. Printing technologies may include offset printing, digital printing, flexographic printing, and screen printing, depending on the printing requirements.

We have in-house design teams to create custom packaging solutions. Our designers have expertise in structural design, graphic design, and branding, allowing them to develop packaging concepts that meet the functional and aesthetic needs of our clients. We also offer customization services to tailor boxes to the specific requirements of our clients. This may include custom sizes, shapes, colors, printing, branding, and finishing options such as embossing, foil stamping, and laminating.

We work with different types of materials, including corrugated board, paperboard, cardboard, plastic, metal, and wood. The choice of material depends on factors such as the weight and fragility of the product, environmental considerations, branding requirements, and budget constraints. Our innovatively packaged design makes a product appear more desirable and if used effectively can lure us in to buy it. Our range of boxes and packaging material is appreciated for its durability, water-proofing and reliability. This makes us one of the top most box manufacturers in Santa Ana California, United States.

Where we keep you covered with

We offer free consultations and samples, affordable design services, complete personalization, and more so you always feel 100% confident about your custom boxes and labels.

Artwork Design

Present your product and show off its unique artistic design

Mock Up Sample

Mock Up Sample, You can change the design and make it your own.

Custom Dieline

We can create a label for your box, or provide the boxes themselves.

CAD Sample

CAD Sample Option is available with the BusinessImagePrinting Model

Eco Friendly Packaging

Our box packaging is eco friendly, recyclable and compostable

Offset Printing

We offer high quality paper box printing and packaging services

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