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Changing from Plastic Bags to Custom Boxes is not difficult as you thought

Many businesses who make use of plastic bags consider it extremely tough to switch to custom boxes. However, in reality the process is not tough at all. Custom boxes have gained immense traction over the past decade as they are easy to use, secure, eco-friendly and have a high retention rate.

As a business, you need to evolve your marketing and packaging strategy time and again to stay ahead of the curve. Today, consumers have become aware and are swiftly making their packaging decision by keeping different social, personal and environmental factors in mind. In such a situation, switching to boxes will do more good for your business.

Here are a few reasons why you should switch from plastic bags to custom boxes:

Easier To Package: In contrast to plastic bags, custom boxes are easier to package. This means you can easily distinguish between different types of items. Segmentation of the products becomes increasingly easier and clutter can be avoided with custom boxes. Moreover, they look neater and are extremely secure. This means, your product will reach a consumer in the condition you desire.

Ecofriendly Approach: If you are a responsible citizen and want to play your part by not contributing to global warming, opt for custom boxes. Today, consumers prefer those brands that have a zero wastage and eco-friendly approach. Hence, by doing good your chances of sales will also increase. Consumers also appreciate those business that are committed to the welfare of our beloved Earth.

Can Be Kept: Plastic bags are generally not reusable, they do not act as good visual cues triggering recognition and recall. On the contrary, your box packaging can be kept by the consumer for keeping day to day items. This way, the box will stay with your customer ensuring recognition and recall.

Offer Great Versatility: Custom boxes are generally versatile, having the ability to be designed as per the likeability of the customer. For instance, you can choose the color palette, typography, design, storage capacity, etc. All these visual cues will help bolstering your marketing strategy in the long and short term.

Higher Recall: A consumer comes in contact with different plastic bags time and again. As plastic give a cheap look, the recall rate of such a material is comparatively lower. On the other hand, custom boxes have charm, greater usability and tend to standout. Therefore, the recall and recognition of such boxes is higher offering greater value.

Business Image Printing works alongside companies who desire to contribute to the welfare of the world by using sustainable and eco-friendly custom box packaging for their brands. While many skeptics argue that switching from plastic bags to boxes is difficult. However, in reality it is not. Such boxes serve a greater purpose not just for the brand investing in them, but also for the environment. So you won’t only do well for yourself, but for the society as a whole.

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