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Custom Boxes and Packaging

When you order custom box packaging from us, you can expect a fast turnaround with high-quality results—but did you know there are ways to expedite the process even more? To get your custom box packaging even faster, check out our guidelines below:

Plan in advance:
Don’t wait until the last minute to order! To stay on the safe side, submit your quote request at least 4-6 weeks ahead of time. Knowing exactly what you need also cuts down on time, so be sure your product dimensions are accurate and that you’re firmly decided on the box type. This is also a great time to ask us any questions, especially if it’s your first time getting custom box packaging!

Use our free tools:
Once you’re ready to proceed with our pricing, we’ll create and send free custom dielines (templates) so you and your preferred graphic designer can collaborate on the look for your custom box packaging. Even if you already have your design ready on another template, we strongly recommend using our provided dielines anyway, as this will result in a speedier production process!

Make sure your designer is familiar with our requirements:
Did you know that your finished design files need to be created and saved a certain way? Every custom dieline we send comes with a list of requirements, summarized below:

  • Ai (Adobe Illustrator) files are strongly preferred; Photoshop and PDF files are also accepted, but take a significantly longer time to modify for samples and final printing.
  • Files must include an image bleed extending about 1/8” (0.125”) over the dieline’s trim lines.
  • All fonts must be outlined, fully embedded, or included when sent.
  • Files must be saved in high-resolution at 300 dpi.

For a fast and efficient packaging order, ask your designer to confirm that the finished design file has the above attributes!

Today’s production deadlines are more relentless than ever before, but with a bit of care, it’s simple and quick to get high-quality custom box packaging you and your customers will love! So how can we help you with yours? Let us know at!

Chances are, you’re running a growing business and don’t have any prior experience with getting custom boxes and packaging. Never fear! This brief primer will explain exactly how the process works.

The first step is to get a quote by clicking “Request a Quote” above. This is also a great time to ask us questions! Our team will respond with our best prices for your custom boxes and packaging—usually, within the same business day! If you’d like to proceed, let us know and we’ll create and send your free custom dieline (template) for you and your preferred graphic designer to lay out your packaging design.

After you send your finished design back to us, we use a digital printout of your file to create and send a free mockup sample for you to check that your product fits properly and that your design concept looks great in real life. We can make minor modifications for free, so just let us know if something needs to be changed! If so, we’ll send another free mockup sample to you to review.

Once everything is looking great, we’ll send forms over to finalize the order—then your packaging is ready to be made! Our average turnaround is 7-10 business days, after which your custom boxes and packaging will be shipped to you. Alternatively, if you’re located in Southern California like we are, you can pick them up from our location for free!

So how can we help you get custom boxes and packaging you and your customers will love? Let us know at!

Where we keep you covered with

We offer free consultations and samples, affordable design services, complete personalization, and more so you always feel 100% confident about your custom boxes and labels.

Artwork Design

Present your product and show off its unique artistic design

Mock Up Sample

Mock Up Sample, You can change the design and make it your own.

Custom Dieline

We can create a label for your box, or provide the boxes themselves.

CAD Sample

CAD Sample Option is available with the BusinessImagePrinting Model

Eco Friendly Packaging

Our box packaging is eco friendly, recyclable and compostable

Offset Printing

We offer high quality paper box printing and packaging services


Bose, Yummi Karma, and hundreds of other business clients in all major industries have benefited from our high-quality packaging. Be sure to check out their testimonials above!

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