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How Custom Printed Beauty Products Boxes Make a Positive Impact on the Consumers

Each year more than 95% of the newly launched beauty products fail. The reason behind this is very simple. Most customers purchasing the products do not have enough time or energy to weigh all the different advantages and disadvantages of the beauty products they have in their shopping carts. So, instead they make use of a shortcut to make the purchase decision –packaging of the product.

For instance, when one thinks about Tiffany and Co. the brand’s iconic robin egg’s blue box is more recognizable than its jewelry. Packaging of any product is very powerful as tells the customer why they are buying the product and what makes them different from the rest.

The packaging of any product is an essential factor contributing to the customer’s shopping experience. But to what extent do Custom Printed Beauty Products Boxes drive the consumer’s decision to purchase the product? Particularly in the high end beauty market, attractive packaging plays the most important role in convincing customer to buy the product.

To confirm if Custom Printed Beauty Products Boxes encourage the customers’ decision to purchase the product, an international market research agency named SKIM piloted a quantitative study. This study was conducted amongst the high end beauty products in the four key global markets – USA, France, China and Brazil.

The study helped us understand the role Custom Printed Beauty Products Boxes play in the purchase decision of consumers along with other elements such as the price, ingredients, etc. The study looked at different beauty products for example mascaras, foundations, lip products (stick or gloss), moisturizers and fragrances. Packaging was found to be the most important factor in a customer’s decision.

More than 60% of the customers have stated that premium Custom Printed Beauty Products Boxes make the brand seem more expensive and luxurious. Apart from this, about 50% of the customers also stated that the quality of the product made them more excited about the beauty products they had purchased.

The packaging used for beauty products affects perceptions of the customers about the brand or the retailer. From the colors that you pick to the shape of the packaging, everything leads to you building your brand perception. Therefore, designing the packaging with great care is really important as the sale of the product is partially dependent on it.

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