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How to Ensure Your Beauty Products Packaging Stand Out from the Crowns

Contrary to popular belief, the most expensive element in makeup is not organic pearl extract or anti-aging serum, but the way the beauty product has been packaged. While most cosmetic manufacturers spend an arm a leg on the extraction of nutrients from herbs, nuts, plants, pearls and other similar products, the formula constitutes just 1% of the product’s total market value.

When a consumer sees your product, the decision is made on the basis of the first impression. Thus, most beauty brands spend substantial time and money on the packaging of their beauty products. These days, consumers tend to give utmost attention to the packaging in contrast to anything else. So, your product is likely to sell better if the packaging has been made impressive.

It will not be wrong to say that the packaging plays a pivotal role in sales and creating a sound first impression. Here’s how you can make your beauty product packaging stand out amongst other fish in the sea:

  • Material

Generally, most liquid or cream based beauty products are packaged using plastic, glass or aluminum. The high end makeup brands tend to use glass to add to the appeal and overall feel of the product.

Glass is considered to be a luxury commodity giving a feel of exclusivity. It is also considered to be of higher value. Thereby, luxury brands tend to invest in them. On the other hand, plastic is relatively cheaper and sturdy. Many times, brands also use plastic containers with a similar look and feel as glass to mimic the feeling of luxury. Moreover, plastic is popular in the makeup industry due to its cheap pricing and ability to be molded in different shapes and sizes.

Similar to glass aluminum is expensive, but has recyclable abilities and is lightweight. However, the only downside is that the product cannot be visible.

Beauty products containers are usually frosted, clear, black or silver. Similarly, aluminum containers are available in metallic finishing in solid colors. Consumers tend to prefer packaging that is strong and sturdy to ensure protection. Make sure to choose a material that compliments your product for ensuring greater appeal.

  • Dispensers

Most beauty products have packaging with a dispenser attached on the top. Initially, open mouth containers were popular, but soon were halted due to the fear of contamination. Dispenser minimize the chances of contamination and ensure easy pumping of the product. For skin care items, bath products, foundations and other similar items, dispensers are a great packaging option. Choosing the right application method can encourage your buyer to choose you amongst other options.

  • Box Printing

Most beauty products are packaged in boxes using die cut window, custom box designs or attractive designs. You can create the niche for your product. Business Image Printing makes it easier for you to package your product offering top tier printing solutions. Make sure to come up with a design that stands out to garner traction.

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