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Must-Haves for Paperboard Food Products Packaging

Products, especially in the food industry are regularly photographed like they have never been done before, and tech savvy individual usually also share them on social media along with their reviews. As Michela Vallalta, director of consumer intelligence for Tetra Pak claims, customers of every age and class are now documenting their thoughts which is why creating a Custom Food Products Packaging which does not only serve the purpose of securing the food but also looks beautiful enough to document and share is important.

Because of this reason, today’s food companies are under substantial pressure to connect with their ultramodern consumers and still comprise of all the different elements, for example, functionality and sustainability along with panache, into the packaging design of their food products. Following are some of the things you should consider when getting Custom Food Products Packaging designed for your company.

  1. Design Complementing the Digital Age

In today’s modern and high tech world, the idea of shelf appeal has been taken to a whole new level and now has a completely new meaning. The number of different places and how the customers shop today need a modern attitude. A highly effective method which can be employed in the grocery aisles may be too understated or simply not perfect enough to attract customers browsing through the products using their smartphones. Creative print along with finishing techniques, attention-grabbing graphics, and bright colors are only a few elements which characterize modern advertising campaigns. In the two dimensional digital shopping environment, flat, completely printable packages have a noticeable advantage over the curved ones somewhat covered by label packaging.

  1. Appetizing Food Photography

Investing in high quality food photography along with styling is going to go a long way when it comes to attracting customers. When we talk about food, the visual appeal is very important. The colors used for the packaging should be bright, and the food products must look very appetizing, fresh and make the consumers want to eat them. The incorrect printing process might result in the photographs being highly grainy or of low quality, and if this is the case, consumers are not going to buy your product. If you are interested in experimenting with stock weights, window cut outs, digital art, or mechanical design elements, we at Business Image Printing Company will gladly provide you with prototypes for you to get the packaging look that you are looking for.

  1. Avoid Packaging Which Looks The Same As Other Products

A look down the food product aisle will show you very quickly that the folding carton packaging is standardized and that there is no difference in the packaging options available. Most food product manufacturers have the challenge to invest money in extra print treatments because they believe that it is cost exorbitant or that the carton is just functional.

For more information about Custom Food Products Packaging feel free to contact us at Business Image Printing Company where our professionals will help you design the best packaging for your food products.

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