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Packaging plays a crucial role in helping with the success of products

Packaging plays a crucial role in helping with the success of products. The right packaging not only helps in protecting products, it helps draw attention and helps in product identification. The special colors, size and shape of the container help make a product stand out in the market. Business Image Printing Company, one of the leading web-to-print custom package designing and printing companies in the nation, offers free custom packaging consultation, samples and trial offers for businesses of all sizes and types.

Free Custom Packaging Consultation

Designing is the most important phase in creating custom products packaging. Business Image Printing Company provides free custom packaging designing consultation. Clients get to choose from endless number of templates and designs in consultation with the experts during the consultation phase. Our initial consultation service is offered for free. Our experience and skilled designers will discuss the details with you during this conceptualization phase.

Free Mockup Samples

Business Image Printing Company’s free design consultation service extends to free custom printed mockup samples too. Once you have finalized a design, we will create and provide a free custom printed sample of your box as cost fee.

The free sample allows clients to get a preview of the packaging and make any changes before the final production order is given. Thus, it helps in saving valuable time and effort and eliminates the hassles of ending up with packaging that doesn’t match your exact requirements.

With so many templates and designs to choose from, even a small change in the design elements can make or break your product. This is why our free custom mockup sample helps our clients at multiple levels.

 Access to Free Technical Design Support

Product packaging industry is a highly competitive industry. Yet getting access to designing teams can cost almost everyone. Business Image Printing Company makes an exception by providing free access to its technical design team. Our goal is to turn our clients’ concepts into reality. This is why you can have ready access to our design support until you are fully satisfied with the design.

Business Image Printing Company makes custom box designing and printing simple and quick for businesses of all sizes and types. Its product design and development excellence and expertise is backed by over 26 years of experience.

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