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The 411 on Child Resistant Packaging Cannabis Vape Cartridge Regulations

The initial development in child resistant (CR) packaging was made in the late 1960s. The packaging has been made mandatory for certain products since 1970, i.e. during the year when the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) was accepted as federal law.

The PPPA distinguishes household commodities that may render significant harm to kids when accidently ingested and requires custom cannabis vape cartridge products packaging for such substances. A substance that meets following two criteria is subject to the PPPA:

  • Significant Risk. The commodity presents a risk of significant injury or serious illness to a child who ingests or handles the contents. Cannabis substances meet this criteria because a child consuming cannabis edibles could suffer from various symptoms, especially when candy-like, high-concentrated edibles are taken in large quantities.
  • Ability to Effectively Package. The packaging technology should be either presently available or be possible to develop with improved results that would ensure that the mass production of custom cannabis vape cartridge products packaging does not affect the product usage or its quality.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is tasked under the administration of the PPPA and presents specific packaging guidelines that have to be followed to determine whether or not a commodity meets such qualification criteria.

Child-Resistant (CR) Packaging for Cannabis Products and Medications

To understand the requirement for CR product packaging you have to understand all the state’s codes and regulations as well as define what type of cannabis commodities are being considered. For instance, most cannabis oils, concentrates and distillates are in glass jars that comply CR packaging features; consequently, the secondary packaging (like a folding carton) may not be mandatory to be certified or necessary for any special CR functionality.

Some states consider cannabis products like cartridges (which are typically loaded into vape pens) to be CR complaint. However, those states that do not assume so require the secondary folding carton to have a CR certified design to be CR complaint. That is most companies dealing in cannabis edible products fulfill the requirement of a secondary package (folding carton custom cannabis vape cartridge products packaging) that is CR approved in order for its acceptance in all states.

The application of CR exit bags is one of the final yet most important feature of product packaging that most cannabis companies and dispensaries use. When the cannabis commodity’s primary or secondary packaging fails to follow CR functionality or the manufacturer does not invest in further packaging, the dispensary can place the products into retail exit bags. However, there is an increasing number of cannabis companies moving away from the use of exit bags as a CR solution to be responsible at dispensary level, otherwise, mistakes or product risks may still occur until the commodity reaches the final consumer.

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