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The Importance of Packaging in Branding & Marketing Cannabis Products

With cannabis products being legalized in numerous states across the US for both medical and recreational usage, a new market trend has emerged. Cannabis extractors and cultivators are required to compete in a market which is quickly becoming flooded with new competitors, should establish themselves with the perfect brand image and the message the brand wants to deliver to the customers.

The packaging of the cannabis products is known to be the most effective tool used for defining and endorsing your brand and might be the only legal advertising option available for some time period. Seeing an engaging external package on the dispensary shelf is usually the first time a potential customer is going to come in contact with your product.

As a contractor, branding your cannabis products clearly as well as consistently will help you establish a brand identity around which you can promote a loyal customer base. One of the most operational and Custom Cannabis Products Packaging alternatives which allow for the growth of a brand packaging is the portable box. Folding boxes, which can be constructed using either cardboard or plastic, are shipped as flat cutouts which are then assembled to be packed with the product. You can reinforce your brand’s image if you focus on the following packaging elements:

  1. Content and Placement of Text

When a consumer is looking through the dispensary shelves, your brand will just have their attention for a few seconds; therefore the text which is featured on the Custom Cannabis Products Packaging should be very prominent so that it conveys the brand message very clearly yet concisely. What are the most important characteristics of your brand, and what is the most important for your customers to know?

  1. Color Selection

Sleek white cannabis containers are most of the times associated with the medicinal and healthcare arenas. On the other hand, shiny black packaging provides the product packaging a classy and luxurious edge. Brown, green, and all the various other earthy tones tend to be associated with more natural, raw products, particularly when they are used in a matte finish, and might appeal to customers who prefer organic products. The color selection is an integral part of your brand. However, for the perfect approach, it needs to consistently incorporate in the custom cannabis product packaging for the product to be easily recognized on the retail shelf.

  1. Required Packaging Information

Cannabis product laws are in today’s world still in the very early stages of development and are also subject to change over time. It is highly important that your cannabis products conform to all the various different applicable state as well as local laws and comprise all the necessary information on your product packaging. The details which you provide should be regarding the cultivation and the origin of the product and about the quality of the product as well.

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