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Tips for Making Your Lipstick Products Eye-Catching

Most people go wrong with the notion that the shoppers make informed and rational decisions. However, the case is actually the other way around. Most decisions made by consumers are purely reactive and instinctive. Eye tracking studies have proved that customers read only around seven words in an entire shopping trip. Most shoppers buy things instinctively by the products’ shape, color and familiarity of the location.

Instinctive reactions can be designed to make your lipstick products more appealing through bio-motive triggers. These are various sensory cues that have an effect on the subconscious mind and subsequently generate action and emotion before the conscious part of the brain can respond.

There are numerous triggers and understanding these primal signs can help your lipstick products to connect emotionally with consumers, sell more and build defendable assets. To be successful, brands selling lipstick products must have their own distinct point of view and should be able to express this particular point in a unique manner.

Effective packaging of lipstick products makes it very easy for customers to understand the product’s value and relevancy. The product has to deliver the promised quality to ensure repeat purchase. There are a few tips you can follow to make your lipstick products stand out by using attractive packaging.

Simple designs are more effective in attracting customers than complicated ones. In a visually agitated and busy market, customers rarely experience moments of auditory or visual calm that they gravitate towards. A recent study discovered that simple, clean and calm packages were more popular amongst consumers. Their sales rose by more than 42% and the market share hit 35% with no other support for products with such packaging.

Product packages which trigger emotional engagement are extremely helpful in increasing the brand’s sales and reach. Customers are compelled to act when specific brands make them feel important. There is nothing more appealing in lipstick packaging than what attracts the eye.

The best lipstick packaging is supposed to create a succession of visual equities, a tool kit which can easily be transferred to all forms of consumer communication. The color, shape and typography can be used to intensify the customer’s brand experience.

Business Image Printing incorporates all the new designs and trends into the packaging of lipstick products to help them instantly become attractive to customers.

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