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Tips to Make Your Custom Printed Candle Boxes and Packaging More Brand-able

It is high time that product suppliers such as candle makers start focusing on their packaging.  Today, candle making is not just a past time, but a strong business with great growth potential. By ensuring that your business gets traction, some branding in the form of custom printed candle boxes and packaging can go a long way.

Here are a few tips that will help your candle packaging standout with custom printed candle boxes and packaging:

  1. Custom Shipping Boxes

Candle makers have an option to make shipping boxes in their desired design. For instance, they can place a simple logo or have designs on all four sides.

Custom printed candle boxes and packaging gives the buyer a personalized feel, nurturing a sense of loyalty towards the brand. For instance, when Amazon delivers a package with the smile logo buyers immediately respond positively to the packaging. Similarly, had it been a simple box customers would not resonate the same positivity for the brand.

Candle makers can now opt for smart custom printed candle boxes and packaging with their desired illustrations to help develop brand recognition, recall and association. Today, with service providers like Business Image Printing candle makers can customize the look of their packaging online and get it delivered at their doorstep with utmost precision and convenience.

  1. Custom Shipping Tape

After choosing your custom printed candle boxes and packaging, the next step to get your packaging to look more brand-able is through a customized shipping tape.

Gone are the days, when businesses made use of boring clear or brown tape. Today, candle makers can order their customized shipping tape featuring the brand’s color or logo to add more depth to the look of the package. Businesses can choose the desired material of the tape and can also select the way they want it to be printed. Thereby, good packaging can give candle makers a significant edge over their counterparts.

Depending on the size and nature of business, candle makers can choose the material they will require. While U-Line is on the pricier side, Seton is a budget friendly alternative for such businesses.

  1. Monthly Mailer Boxes

The trend of monthly subscription boxes is now gaining immense traction. If you are planning to build a loyal clientele, coming up with affordable monthly subscription boxes with unique candles is a smart way to endorse your business.

This way, each month you can send candles to your customers for a small fee. However, such boxes require good branding which can be done by Business Image Printing. If you are struggling with the printing or design of your subscription box, approach them as a one-stop solution. The top fold boxes with dividers will keep your candles safe and look extremely attractive. Not only do they ensure safety, but give a professional look to your packaging.

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