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Trends to Consider While Designing Your Personal Care Product Packaging

Each industry has its numerous amounts of packaging trends and tips that helps increase sales. Here are some specific packaging trends for personal care products that you should consider to help their personal care product can compete with other businesses.

Today, men are taking a growing interest in personal grooming so creating more gender-neutral packaging for unisex products can appeal to men who are afraid of buying products packaged in pink or coded for women. Make sure that your brand name and logo are still visible on all of your packaging, so even though men may not have used your products, they will at least recognize the logo and name.

No matter what kind of industry you are in, customers want access to their items easily and conveniently. People lead busy lives, so customers look for a personal care product that is convenient to use. Portion-control devices, packs that can easily stand up in the shower, reseal able devices, caps that are easier to open, and tubes that use gravity to make dispensing the product easier can help make your product more convenient to the consumer, and in turn, increase sales.

Also, people tend to look for easy ways to help the environment, and one of the simplest ways to do so is boxing your personal care product in partially recycled packaging or doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that could negatively impact the environment. Just keep the green marketing on your packaging simple, with a small symbol or phrase, as not to take away from the attractiveness of the packaging.

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