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Choose the Most Creative for your Custom Pharmaceutical Boxes

The term packaging can be defined as the ‘coordinated system of preparing goods for efficient, safe and cost effective transportation, storage, retailing, distribution, recovery and consumption.’ Today the field of pharmaceutical boxes and packaging has undergone numerous changes.

It is no longer restricted to the basic functions of protection, preservation, presentation and containment; it also contributes to a number of factors such as communication, display, promotion and in motivating customers to buy the product.

Most importantly, the packaging has a greater significance for commodity products like, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and processed food. Packaging plays a very important role in maintaining the hygiene and safety of products which are either swallowed, consumed or have some sort of contact with the human skin.

Custom pharmaceutical boxes have bigger challenges – these include how to prevent the entry of spurious medication in the market which will have a negative impact on human health and might tarnish the brand image.

Pharmacists are formulating different types of drugs through incessant research and packaging technologists have a bigger challenge to develop custom pharmaceutical boxes. Such packages should have anti-counterfeiting qualities which are in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Changes have currently been made to the packaging of custom pharmaceutical boxes which satisfy customer and market requirements. A number of new barriers, laminations, films, coatings and composites which have been introduced to the custom pharmaceutical boxes packaging industry.

Pre-made roll stock and pouches, in unprinted or printed form are now able to endure gamma- radiation sterilization in addition to high-temperature pasteurization without changing or weakening the physical characteristics of the polymer.

Modern technologies have enabled the industry to make smart custom pharmaceutical boxes blister packs. These blister packs comprises of a cavity which contains the product along with a lid material and a sealing compound. This is an innovative trend which has been used by various leading brands to help promote and protect their brand at the same time.

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