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How Custom Printed Boxes Make Positive Impact on Consumers

What’s the first thing that crosses a customer’s mind as they walk into a retail store to browse some items? Is it the decision to start looking from the right or left side of the aisle? Or perhaps to only buy things that cost less than five dollars? Well, we can’t know for sure.  What we do know is that one thing that ultimately makes a consumer say “Aha!” and pick up a product is a product’s packaging. It would not be wrong to say that custom printed boxes would have a better chance of being purchased by a customer than those printed in a generic manner.

As animals that depend on their five senses we are highly influenced by sensory cues. Colors or shapes that stand out from the rest tend to attract us from a very young age. Humans are also impulsive when it comes to decision making as shoppers. One statistic goes on to show this by stating that about 64% of our decisions made while shopping are impulse decisions. We see something, we like it and we pick it up. For companies who want their products to be easily picked up and taken home, have to work on how they package what they sell.

Having custom printed boxes for your product gives your brand a sense of originality and uniqueness like no other. Basically, no one in the whole industry will have something that looks like what you have. This means a customer will always be able to point out your product on the shelf even from afar.

Secondly, no one understands your customer base like you do. Every base has several segments, by choosing to custom print your packaging you can have variety in the size and type of product that you offer. All of this increases the chance of your product being bought.

All this pay off from custom printed boxes. All one needs to do is find a good service provider that understands the values your brand keeps close and makes an effort to get to know your customer base as well as you do. One amazing brand that speaks from twenty six years of experience is Business Image Printing. They are known to offer you free custom made templates and free mockup trials so you can tweak your final product.

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