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Custom Printed Counter Display Boxes and Packaging and Product Placement Matters for Your Business

Custom printed counter display boxes and packaging, and product placement is done on the popular notion that shoppers make informed and rational decisions. In reality, the decisions are generally reactive and instinctive. During a shopping trip, a consumer is likely to read on seven words as per an eye tracking study. Thereby, a majority of the decisions are governed on the basis of color, familiarity, shape and packaging. Best sellers are generally those products that have attractive custom printed counter display boxes and packaging which appeals to the human mind before a consumer can logically evaluate the pros and cons of the investment he’s about to make.

Businesses can capitalize by channeling the instinctive reactions of their consumers by making use of effective custom printed counter display boxes and packaging and Biomotive Triggers. These triggers are primarily the sensory cues that have a direct impact on the subconscious part of the human brain, triggering a response before the conscious can actually comprehend. Those brands that understand the significance of these cues tend to connect on an emotional level with their consumers, have a high sales trajectory and defendable assets.

In order to be successful, progressive brands need to have a strong ground. They should be able to express a unique and clear reason for their existence. When a brand makes use of custom printed counter display boxes and packaging, they make it easier for buyers to understand the product within a glance.

A good custom printed counter display boxes and packaging tends to answer three questions within a glance:

  • The brand behind the product
  • Its purpose
  • How it will benefit the buyer

While a product packaging needs to feature these three essentials, it also needs to live up to its promise to develop loyalty.

It needs to be understood that on an average, a supermarket has 40,000 products on different shelves. This means, an average person is exposed to 40,000 products to choose from. In order to make your product stand out, you need to focus on two core aspects – product packaging and product positioning.

For instance, many times consumers by an item from the cashier’s counter. The custom printed counter display boxes and packaging are designed in a manner to encourage a buyer to invest. Moreover, they are positioned so conveniently that many times a consumer buys it on the go. After all, rummaging through aisles and aisles of items is a tedious task. However, if the same item is placed right in front then your chances of making a purchase increases exponentially.

If you plan to get your item placed within a supermarket. Focus on making the packaging lucrative. The more attractive your packaging is, the higher its probability to appeal the intended audience. Coming up with a custom printed counter display boxes and packaging can help you get the traction without having to spend an arm and a leg.

Business Image Printing specializes in the production of custom printed counter display boxes and packaging to help your brand outshine.

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