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Making the First Impression Count with Custom Printed Book style Box Sleeves

In today’s time, custom printed book style box sleeves are important for publication houses, authors and collaborative groups. As competition is increasing and the publication industry is stagnant since a relatively long time, many writers are taking aggressive measures to appeal to their intended audience.

Writers now understand the value of effective packaging and are keen on giving a professional look to their book covers. Thereby, authors are investing sufficient time on making the right first impression by coming up with an alluring custom printed book style box sleeves design.

The first thing that attracts a book lover is its cover. When you enter a bookshop, the books are strategically placed with the covers facing the reader. Thereby, automatically they become the first thing a reader will encounter. It is believed that the book cover plays an important role in encouraging buyers to invest. Further, the typography, color preference and composition is an important role in terms of recognition and recall.

The next step in the scale cycle also involves the custom printed book style box sleeves. When a reader selects a book, the next thing they focus on is the blurb on the back cover. If a reader gets enticed by the blurb, he will make a purchase. Therefore, those writers who invest their time and energy on designing an attractive custom printed book sleeve have a higher success rate than their counterparts.

Previously, a common perspective was that the book cover of eBooks did not have much symbolic value, but that is not true. The factors that affect the sales of a book at a physical retail store are also valid for online merchants. While you can search for books online or get them via newsletters, the first thing that will attract you is a book cover. There is a high probability that readers will click on a book cover without actually reading the blurb symbolizing its significance.

Further, online retailers and Amazon displays books in the form of a list. Thereby, the only thing that appeals to a buyer is the custom printed book style box sleeve as all the authors and titles have the same font, color and size.

Custom printed book style box sleeves are the face of books generating expectation. For instance, if the book cover looks amateur, then many readers will consider the novel to be amateur as well. Likewise, if the quality of the book cover looks cheap, then they will expect the novel to be subpar. Thereby, book sleeves play an important role in encouraging buyers to invest.

Now you may claim that book covers or sleeves are not the only factor determining the success of books as reviews, loyal readership and recommendations also play a pivotal role. Rightly so, all these factors have an impact on book sales, but in terms of a first impression nothing can compete with smartly illustrated custom printed book style box sleeves, if done by a professional company like Business Image Printing.

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