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Deciding on the Best Box Packaging for Your Product

Packaging is a business technique to market your products by displaying them in a way that draws in customers. You need to identify the right box for your products that will protect it, but also meet up to the expectations of several other factors that you see fit for your product.

Here are some types of common boxes and packages and their functions:

  1. Book Ends have a double-thick cover flap to imitate the look of a book and you’ll have plenty of space to include your marketing or informational message.
  2. Sleeves are good for cheap custom packaging as they still cover most of your product while still have room for a distinguishable design.
  3. Display Box is great for catching impulse buyers who can easily pick up your product just because it caught their eye.
  4. Tuck Top Auto Bottom packages have a tuck top with an automatic locking bottom making them ideal for heavy products.
  5. Gable bags and gable boxes are great when you want to attract the attention of customers. They also feature an auto-lock system for increased security.
  6. Hexagon Box packages are exceptional for round products. The shape is a huge attraction and the structure a guarantee for safe shipping.
  7. Pillow box are also great for oddly shaped products. Their shape alone is very attractive.
  8. Roll Two Side Tuck Top boxes are highly functional and can be used for packaging a variety of products. This is your standard cake box.
  9. Straight Tuck End packages are the most standard box style to get, but are perfect for products that are displayed on a large window or a front shelf.
  10. Reverse Tuck End have top closures that tuck back from the rear to the front and bottom closures that tuck back in from the front to the rear. They can be used in a variety of industries.

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