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How to Attract Customers by Designing Good Food Packaging

Your food packaging should catch potential buyers’ attention by standing out from all the other competing products. By having great visuals on your box packaging, your food product will attract customers to what you have to sell, but before designing the perfect food package, remember that the most important function of box packaging is protecting the food from damage and contamination. Once you have that in mind, you can move on to how to make your food packaging appealing.

Packaging is important because it allows you to change how your customers perceive your product. You only have a second to get the buyers’ attention when they look at your product. Because your product is food, you also have to follow the FDA’s guidelines, including having nutritional facts properly listed. But your box also has to showcase what your business can offer, which is why you need to know your brand identity.

How will people know that this is your product that they are buying? How do you show your product in the best possible light that your potential customers will see it and want to buy it? How is your product different from what your competition sells? Who’s your major customer? What are the benefits of your product over your competitor’s? Or, how will your product increase satisfaction and provide gratification for them? This is what your brand identity is about, and it will help you figure out what size, color, shape, and materials of your box. If the food packaging you developed doesn’t answer the above questions, go back to the beginning.

When you introduce a new food or drink product to your line, you should be able to keep almost the same food box design with minor changes to indicate the new product so that the appearance is still familiar to customers and include other products in the same product line. Customers will recognize that these products come from you, and they’ll be more likely to buy because they are already familiar with it.

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