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Why the Custom Candle Packaging is a great idea and needed

Ever since we have ventured into the 21st century the idea of self-pampering has taken a new turn. Today, if you don’t have a Zen space in your home, scented candles on your mantle or a yoga routine then according to life satisfaction gurus, the daily stresses of life are bound to come and get you.

This sudden focus on peace in our lives has opened up a huge stream of revenue for companies selling candles. Mostly because, you can fix up a candle pretty much anywhere to add a new dimension to the place. The market has been flooded with all sorts of candles – soybean candles, scented candles and candles in eccentric shapes. The question is, what prompts a customer to pick up a certain candle in the store even before they have had a chance to see what is inside? The answer is custom candle packaging.

Candle packaging matters a lot and your profits depend on how well your packaging works for you. Packaging can make a customer point your product out from miles away as original and unique packaging can stand out from all other products on the shelf. It only makes sense to say that the more a customer is attracted towards taking a closer look at your product, the better the chances of them being prompted to buy it. According to research, more than 60 % purchases by consumers are impulse buys and more than 30% of these are because of packaging that tempted them.

Other than this, having a distinct identity through custom candle packaging can give your brand better chances for brand recall which makes sure that your brand stays on the customer’s mind for extended periods. Secondly, if customers find your packaging appealing, they are very likely to reuse the box or bag the product came in. When this happens, other prospect consumers who never even intended to come your way are exposed to your brand. This increases the chances of them being curious about your product and wanting to buy it.

Good custom candle packaging can never go wrong. It is a very important extension of your brand. It lets people know what your company stands for and what your values are. For example, if your candle company is eco-friendly or has a chemical free policy then your packaging will clearly reflect it.

Custom candle packaging is a no loss investment and with the sudden influx of candles in the market it is imperative for a company to take it seriously and hire someone like Business Image Printing to get the job done.

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